What Ludwig can do:




Compose your own melodies

Accompanies your melodies in over 50 styles with a band of up to 16 parts. Yes (25 styles) Yes
Automatic chords for your melody. Uses classical or Jazz harmony theory. Yes Yes
Arrangements follow your given emotional development to achieve contrast and climaxes. Yes Yes
Supports different verses for songwriting. Yes Yes
Writes four-part choral arrangements. Yes Yes
Arranges for arbitrary combinations of melody instruments. Yes Yes
Manages your pieces in a song database. No saving but 450 popular songs included. Yes
Each song can be stored with an individual instrumentation or arrangement. No Yes
Editing of styles and arrangements (advanced users). No Yes

Practising Instruments

Creates easy training pieces for guitar, keyboard, flute, clarinet, altosax, tenorsax, trumpet, violin, cello and different recorders. Yes Yes
Shows fingering graphics for guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet and others. Yes Yes
Improvisation training (melody mute but visible in loops). Yes Yes
Improvisation training for inventing eight-bar themes. Yes Yes

Fully Automated Composition

Creates public domain music in 50 different styles. No further input necessary. Yes Yes
Creates and plays music infinitely. Yes Yes


Full score on screen, single bars or line clickable to listen to them individually. Yes Yes
Print lead sheets or part extracts. No Yes
Plays its own music with realistic sounds. Yes Yes


Saves full score or melody as midi file in the formats GM, XG, GS and GM2. No Yes
Imports midi files, detects the melody track and analyzes the chords. No Yes
Connect a midi keyboard to input melodies. No Yes
Recording in MP3- or WAV-Format for easy CD-Production. No Yes
Saves Music-XML Format for use in a music notation software. No Yes


Created music is copyright free (as long as you do not enter copyrighted melodies). Yes Yes
Installed software has no time limit. Yes Yes
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Screenshot: St James Infirmary arranged for Big Band.

The FREE Version has no time limit, the installed software will not expire. Use it to practise your instrument.