How can I record MP3 files from Ludwigs music?

Please read this.


Who holds the rights in Ludwigs compositions?

You can use any music generated with Ludwig without any limitations. Please make sure that you do not infringe copyrights of others when working with contemporary melodies.


What happens if I have activated Ludwig as Premium version on my computer and then want to buy a new machine?

Call "Deactivate" in the application menu. You can then activate on any other machine. You may move Ludwig from machine to machine as often as you like.

How can I change the program language?

Application Menu (green note in the top left corner) > Options > Language. Ludwig is available in English and German.


Ludwig does not react when I press keys on my MIDI keyboard.

Please make sure that the MIDI-Out of your keyboard is connected to the MIDI-in plug of your USB-Midi-Adapter. The computer receives on MIDI-In, the keyboard sends on MIDI-Out.