Ludwig 3.0 - Write great songs with automatic arrangements:

Ludwig is a music software for Windows that helps you to write your own songs. You simply enter or play a melody. Ludwig does the rest: he finds the proper chords and writes all parts of a professionally sounding band. It was never easier to compose, arrange or accompany songs!

Ludwigs artificial intelligence approach is innovative and unique: The parts are written note by note, like a human would do. This achieves an unrivaled musical quality.

Ludwig is easy to use. It takes a few clicks to get a full arrangement from a broad variety of styles. And if you don't want to enter your own melodies: Just load them from the included database of 450 public domain songs.

First clicks with Ludwig: 'Wade in the Water' arranged as Country, then as Rock song


Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how amazing your software is. The price tag is also incredible for the quality of the software, the algorithms used to generate the music are miles ahead of your competitors. Ivan del D.

I am really delighted about this program. It is an immense help in working with my church and my children choirs. Arnold L.

Especially the Big Band arrangements are remarkable. This highly unusual program is great fun, again and again. c't Computer Magazine

Ludwig 3.0 is a fantastic software, really nice. Erkki V.

After all those years, I finally arranged my compositions with Ludwig. It is unbelievable how great they sound now!
Helmut J.

Ludwig is the strongest piece of software that I have seen in a long time. This program is addictive. Guenter K.

This program really is 'way cool' (Statement of my sons) Rainer R.

I am excited about this software. It helps me to learn reading music and to start playing the Bass. Klaus A.

This software is super, it is easy to understand and use. Susanne P.

Thank you!! My wife now even writes and arranges "songs by request" for her pupils. Manfred K.